PRIVATE TEARS by Dan Eric Slocum


Book Description

      Writer, journalist, and award-winning television reporter Dan Eric Slocum reaches into our philosophical souls with Private Tears, his third volume of poetry, following New Words (1996) and The Bends (2009).  Through his contemporary free verse poetry, readers are privy to the inner machinations of a master wordsmith. Like a literary surgeon, Slocum lays the subject matter open for probing and examination. The moments of wincing pain are mitigated by his calm pragmatism. The title poem reveals Slocum’s unique ability to be simultaneously present and detached within the same moment. Titles such as “Aging Queens” offer quiet repose before readers are shocked out of complacency by seemingly innocuous titles such as “Consider the Sunny Day,” that are loaded with bloody realism. Slocum’s poetry has had a steady following for nearly two decades and his fan-base continues to grow with this latest volume.


     Dan-Eric’s words are not easy to read.  They drip of the anguish and agony of a man whose inner battles could only reach one end, the end of his own choosing. At their core, the poems are a remarkable record of one man’s struggle to live, and his resolution to die. Collectively, they are a true glimpse into the mind of a man who identified himself as mentally ill.

     Dan-Eric’s description, “delicious words—always swimming just under [the] level of consciousness—below the actual conversations…”.They are the words of struggle—confronting pain and alienation, and the words of imagination-crafting scenarios of escape as into “muffled snow”, “the just-fallen white,” and peace. Expect your essence and perception to be shifted by his poems. Lisa Brooks, former-anchor woman, KOMO Radio, Seattle

Author: Dan E. Slocum
Release Date: May 2013
 ISBN-13: 978-0615815879 (Custom)
ISBN-10: 0615815871
BISAC: Poetry / American / General
6” x 9” (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
144 pages
List Price: $12.95
Bulk/Wholesale Pricing: See Page 30
Readership: Adult


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