Twisted Rage: An Explosion of Poetic Thought  by:  Timothy Paul Brown


Book Description

     Twisted Rage: An Explosion of Poetic Thought marks the first volume in a series of works to come.  Brown is a prolific writer, with rapid-fire, charged language aimed at life’s pain. His poetry seethes, roils, redeems, and crucifies. The deeply religious imagery adds a haunting pall over the works of this gifted writer.

     The poems in this volume take the reader from the depths of despair through the calm waters of reason, and on to the heights of hopefulness, as the emotional range becomes combative within itself. The poet takes the reader into his world, guiding, clarifying, and offering the charred remains of his soul.

     Spoken word artist, Timothy Paul Brown, is on fire in this first volume of poetry. His writing sears the soul with unrelenting truths and a percussive style. The book is a read and a reread, as new meanings unfold with each view. This first volume leaves the reader anticipating his upcoming second book of equally evocative poetic selections.


     Timothy Paul Brown’s poetry rings with fierce honesty, intense emotion and in-your-face truths. His desires, hurts, and passions are equally displayed in his poems that demonstrate his talent for compelling rhythms as well as creative and clever rhyming. Be prepared to take a roller coaster ride of busted heartstrings, tears of grief, raging resentments, and effervescent joy. Tim’s poems will take you there and beyond. It will be well worth the price of admission. Enjoy the ride! Dr. Starr Rexdale

Author: Timothy Paul Brown
Release Date: March, 2013
 ISBN-13: 978-1482629859
ISBN-10: 1482629852
BISAC: Poetry / Subjects & Themes / Death
6” x 9” (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
64 pages 
List Price: $10.95
Readership: Adult


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