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Synchronicity Cycle One: Awakening the Passion is Part One of a  series written for the adventure-seeker, the cyclist, the traveler, and all those seeking inspiration and inner-awakening. World traveler, Joseph Diomede, takes us on a magical tour as he comes of age in this first volume of his Synchronicity Cycles. From the Bronx, New York, across the United States, and into Guatemala, Diomede encounters unbelievable coincidences while expanding his humanist vision of the connectivity between all life experiences. The seeds of Diomede’s travel lust began on a bicycle in New York. Soon thereafter, we travel with him by motorcycle, bus, truck, and whatever mode of transport that allowed Diomede to explore the meaning of life in the faces and places of his rich adventures. We travel through a series of heartwarming adventures filled with unexpected twists as the great storyteller, Joseph Diomede, guides us from Cycle One to his upcoming volume, Synchronicity Cycle Two: Discovering the East.


    [Synchronicity Cycles] “Cycles of a Traveler” is based on the journals of Bronx-born, Joe Diomede kept throughout his travels. Seeing the world from the back of a bicycle allowed him to discover little towns and villages, and, most importantly, to meet with people and share their way of life. These encounters include children in India and Nepal, long-lost relatives in Italy, and a traditional doctor in China who cured his bad back using natural remedies.

  Diomede’s book offers a rare glimpse of people and places in other parts of the world, and reveals that, in spite of different customs and traditions, everyone is essentially the same.

 Central Brittany Journal
 Brittany, France

     On the face of it, this is a travelogue, but it’s no ordinary travelogue. It’s a coming of age story and an inspirational book that demonstrates how you can live a good life by ignoring conventional wisdom and following your heart, getting “in the groove” and trusting in providence, destiny or the wisdom of the universe to lead you where you need to go. Sandra Anthony, 
, Tipperary, Ireland

     Sometimes it really is about the journey. In [Synchronicity Cycle] “Cycles of a Traveler, “ Joe Diomede shows us how important that journey can be. His book covers his journeys on motorcycle and bicycle throughout wide swatches of the world, and the philosophical journeys that matched the physical ones. The journeys cover a good part of the known world, from the United States to Canada, from Japan to Russia, By book’s end, it seems that he has covered anywhere that a road can be found.

The travels themselves take a back seat to people he meets on the road. He encounters a lot of gorgeous geography, from the Rockies to the Chinese countryside. There are maps included to show where he cycled, but it is the photographs of those he meets that accentuate the travels. It makes for an interesting travelogue through cultures rather than landscapes. This sets the book apart from most travelogues; it’s the people and how they are similar that really makes the book interesting, including those he decides not to travel with.

The journey into the mystery of the mundane is what this book is about. Through his travels, Diomede is able to disconnect from the unimportant differences of people and look at the similarities. It is those similarities that are fascinating, especially when he goes to lands other than the United States and Canada. Although he encounters different levels of technology and different landscapes, he is able to find the common threads, showing us that we are not really all that different after all, and that we should focus on the commonalities. This book is a great travelogue, but an even better road map of the human soul. 

San Francisco /Sacramento Book Review

      [Synchronicity Cycle] “Cycles of a Traveler” follows author Joe Diomede as he recounts his astonishing journey of physical, emotional and spiritual discovery while navigating the globe. His fascinating personal accounts convey the substantive message that although borders may separate us, pre-conceptions may bias us, we are more alike than we realize. The author’s prevailing theme
 to the reader is to heed those synchronous moments and treasure them, for they are what connect us to each other and ourselves. Joe’s story is relevant and timeless and a must-read for anyone residing on planet Earth. Sit back and enjoy traversing the planet, for we are, indeed, all on this ride together.

 Lisa LeMoneDirector, ah2 Music Publishing  Los Angeles, California

Author: Joseph Diomede
Release Date: March, 2013, Second Edition
ISBN-13: 978-0615786001 (Custom)
ISBN-10: 0615786006
BISAC: Travel / Road Travel
6” x 9” (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
148 pages
List Price: $12.95
First Edition: Cycles of a Traveler, 2010
Bulk/Wholesale Prices: See Page 30
Readership: Adult


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